In The Balmy Jungle - as seen on The Jungalow

This week I launched a collection of six new artworks on my site, originally seen on The Jungalow

‘In The Balmy Jungle’ is a celebration of freedom, nature and evocative, bold hues. 

Banana Palm Days

 I was inspired by an untouched land found deep in the jungle;

A mesmerising oasis home to exotic animals, peacefully roaming amongst lush plains.

The temperature is pleasantly balmy and when the golden sun sets, the richly coloured sky is filled with infinite stars.

It is a paradise where nature’s palette is vivid and there is an abundance of life.  

Dunes Under Starry Skies

Facing The Warm Sun

Thank you to everyone who has already made a purchase from my new collection. I am always blown away by the consistent support I receive.

See more of the works here.
Karina xx

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