Adairs & Adairs Kids Collaboration coming soon!
The Karina Jambrak for Adairs range will boast a wide array of products for your home and bedroom creating the perfect summer interior to relax and unwind in. The collaboration pays homage to Karina's unique earthy colour palettes and soft hues, filled with sunsets, dreamy desert landscapes, palm trees and idyllic Oasis's.  True to Karina's pledge to sustainability the range consists of organic cottons, natural jute fibers and bamboo.

There will also be a charming range of accessories for your weekend trips away or summer hang time down at the beach.

The children's range is also a super exciting exploration of Karina's light hearted and fun approach to kids design and illustration. You will be able to create the perfect haven for your little ones with so many cute products on offer.

The Karina Jambrak with Adairs and Adairs Kids range will launch in early November, so be sure to keep an eye out to grab the ideal Christmas presents for friends and family.

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